Shaw Christian Academy presents:
Bright Beginnings
A Complete Curriculum For Early Learning

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bullet Do you want to prepare your child for school and life without sending him or her away to preschool?
bullet Do you already homeschool older children, but would like an early learning curriculum for your preschooler?
bullet Are you overwhelmed by everything that's available for teaching your child?
bullet Are you frustrated by the lack of Christian  preschool curriculums available?
bullet Would you prefer someone else do the planning and preparation for you?
bullet Do you want just one preschool education program that can do it all?

Then Bright Beginnings may be just for you!

Teaching preschoolers can be an exciting and rewarding experience!  Bright Beginnings is a user-friendly curriculum that allows busy parents to provide their child with the many benefits of early education in a relaxed atmosphere.  Written from a Christian perspective, this 2-book set includes 36 weeks of complete lesson plans requiring only a Bible, household supplies, and optional library books...  Start home schooling your child today with the Bright Beginnings  home preschool curriculum!

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